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What Is KUA Number

The Feng Shui Kua number (also called GUA) is an integral part of 8 Mansions (or Pat Chai) Feng Shui. It gives the knowledge of auspicious and  inauspicious directions for a person. According to Feng Shui, each person has 4  good directions and 4 bad directions which are based on one's Kua number.

The Kua number is calculated using one's date of birth and gender.

Broadly, Feng Shui classifies people into 2 groups:  East and West groups. Each person belongs to either one or the other group according to their feng shui Kua number.

The East Group Kua numbers are 1, 3, 4 and 9.
    The West Group Kua numbers are 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Further, each KUA is associated with a trigram. Each trigram has a different number, name, nature, season, personality, family, direction and meaning.  These Trigrams are positioned on an eight sided figure which is used in Feng Shui to set up a Bagua Energy Map of your home. This map is set up differently by the Western and Traditional Schools of feng shui. 

The eight trigrams are also called Pa Kua. In fact,  Pa means eight (8) and Kua means suspending or hanging. It is like hanging a picture on the wall to observe it. Actually, Pa Kua suggests that there are eight phenomena which were referred as Pa Kua. These 8 phenomena (images) are sky, earth, thunder, wind, fire, water, mountain, and marsh (body of water / lake). A line symbol system was developed to represent these universal images. These line symbols then evolved into 8 trigrams.

In fact the Pa-Kua is a grid representing 8 life aspirations viz.  wealth, career, fame, children, elders (superiors), friends (helpful people), knowledge & education and marriage (relationships). In a house, there are also 8 areas corresponding to these 8 life aspirations. The Pa-Kua energy map is placed over the map of the house and 4 lucky and 4 unlucky directions are found based on one's KUA number. Feng Shui enhancers and remedies are then applied on the basis of the KUA number. The Pa-Kua diagram is given below:
The details of the 8 different Trigrams are given below:


# Name - Kan
# Trigram Form - 2 broken lines separated by a solid line
# Growth Direction - North
# Element - Water
# Color - Black
# Form - Water and Moon
# Bagua Area - Career


# Name - Kun
# Trigram Form - 3 broken lines
# Growth Direction - Southwest
# Element - Earth
# Color - Pink
# Form - Earth
# Bagua Area - Love, Marriage, Romance and Relationships


# Name - Chen (Zhen)
# Trigram Form - 2 broken lines followed by a solid line
# Growth Direction - East
# Element - Wood
# Color - Green
# Form - Thunder
# Bagua Area - Family and Health


# Name - Sun (Xun)
# Trigram Form - 2 solid lines followed by a broken line
# Growth Direction - Southeast
# Element - Wood
# Color - Purple
# Form - Wind
# Bagua Area - Prosperity and Abundance


When a five (5) Kua comes, it is treated in a unique way. It represents the center. A female that has a five Kua, gets a male Ken trigram (number 8). A male that has a five Kua, takes on a female Kun (number 2) trigram. Please refer to the descriptions for 8 and 2 KUA numbers.


# Name - Chien (Qian)
# Trigram Form - 3 solid lines
# Growth Direction - Northwest
# Element - Metal
# Color - Silver and Gray
# Form - Heaven
# Bagua Area - Helpful People and Travel


# Name - Tui (Dui)
# Trigram Form - a broken line followed by 2 solid lines
# Growth Direction - West
# Element - Metal
# Color - White
# Form - Marsh (Lake)
# Bagua Area - Children and Creativity


# Name - Ken (Gen)
# Trigram Form - a solid line followed by 2 broken lines
# Growth Direction - Northeast
# Element - Earth
# Color - Blue
# Form - Mountain, Youth
# Bagua Area - Knowledge, Skills, Wisdom and Intelligence


# Name - Li
# Trigram Form - 2 solid lines separated by a broken line
# Growth Direction - South
# Element - Fire
# Color - Red
# Form - Brightness, the Sun
# Bagua Area - Fame and honour


If  KUA is one, the person is a Kan.
If KUA is two, the person is a Kun.
If  KUA is three, the person is a Chen.
If  KUA is four, the person is a Sun.
If KUA is five, the person will be a Kun if male and a Ken if female.
If KUA is six, the person is a Chien.
If KUA is seven, the person is a Tui.
If KUA is eight, the person is a Ken.
If  KUA is nine, the person is a Li.

Clearly, by knowing which 4 Directions are your good directions, you can maximise your luck by facing those good directions in most situations. In fact your lucky feng shui directions help you attract the feng shui energy which is most beneficial for you.

Once you know your lucky feng shui directions, you should try to face them at work, at home and when you sleep. For example, let us say your Kua number is 2, then you are a West feng shui group person and the best facing directions for you are Northeast, West, Northwest and Southwest. These are your lucky directions for major areas of your life. To discover your auspicious directions and how to use them, you first need to calculate your Kua Number.

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How To Use Your Feng Shui KUA Number Directions
   Direction                           Explanation
Money, Wealth
& Success
(Sheng Chi)
This is your best direction for money, wealth and overall
luck. You should try sleep with the crown of your head
towards this direction and sit facing this direction to get 
benefit from the direction. Use this direction in other
activities like interviews, working in your office or work
place, lunch, dinner, watching TV, etc. This direction will
bring you wealth, fame and honour and good luck.
(Tien Yi)
This is your 2nd best direction. You should sit or sleep
facing this direction for your good health. more so if you
face health problems. Older people will do well to sleep
facing their health direction.
Love, Romance
& Marriage
(Nien Yen)
This is your 3rd best direction. It is very good for
success in marriage, love and romance issues. You should
sit or sleep facing this direction to maximize your good
luck in these matters.
Education &
Personal Growth
(Fu Wei)
This is your 4th best direction. You should use it for your
personal growth and education. If you cannot harness
your first three good directions, then use this direction.
Bad Luck
This is your 4th worse direction. You should avoid facing
or sleeping towards this direction. This directions is not
as bad as your other bad directions are.
Five Ghosts
(Wu Gwei)
This is your 3rd worse direction. It can bring about losses
which can be financial, health and personal. There can be
theft, burglary, disharmony and minor illnesses. The
effects are pronounced if you face this direction or if
your main door faces this direction.
Six Killings
(Liu Shu)
This is your 2nd worse direction and and can bring about
serous problems like litigation, serious illnesses etc. You
must avoid this direction.
Total Loss
(Chueh Ming)
This is your worst direction practically in all matters. In
brief, you will lose everything. If you are the head (bread
winner) of your family and your main door faces this
directions, then you  must rebuild it to avoid the loss.
Least Worse
(Ho Hai)
Your Ho Hai direction is a negative direction, but it is
your least worse direction of your four negative 
directions. Use it when there is no other alternative.
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