General Characteristics :

Gemini People are sometimes hard to analyse because they appear complex, very intelligent but very confusing. Some people see a sincere and honest friend in them while others find them hostile and sneaky.  Their child-like nature is endearing. When things are good they are  hopeful and happy.  But when things go wrong, they become sorrowful, pessimistic and desperate.  They are often double-minded and find it hard to make decisions. Geminians under negative influences are fine liars and cheaters. But under good influences, they are wonderful orators and always helpful. They lack concentration because they often think about several things at a time and can't concentrate on any particular thing at one time. This often causes failure in their life.  They are sometimes called "jack of all trades but master of none."  They must learn to concentrate on one object at a time.

Love :

Since Geminians are moody, variety lovers, they  do not often prefer long-lasting relationships. They can be emotional too. In order to grasp their interest and attention, the opposite sex must be innovative,  creative and equally passionate.

Useful Information for Geminians :

      Good career choices for them are:

                         teaching assignments, preachers, writers, lawyers, journalist, actors, politics,  orators,  rhetoricians, mediator, diplomat,  banking and communication jobs

    * Ruling planet: Mercury.
    * Lucky color: green and all shades of green.
    * Lucky gemstones: Emerald and Diamond.
    * Lucky numbers : 3 and 7. - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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