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(Mesh Rashi)

Western System: March 21 to April 19

Indian System:  April 13 to May 12

ARIES  Sun Sign (Mesh Rashi)
General Characteristics

Aries (Mesh) People are freedom loving. They are ready to face new challenges. When thing don't go their way, they get restless and impatient. They seldom  follow someone else's suggestions, especially if they do not make sense to them. They are energetic and aggressive by nature. They make brave leaders ready to risk and  adopt novel means to achieve results. Sometimes they are self-opinionated and appear self-centered because they are confident that they are right. They are generally frank and make good friends. However they give too much importance to self-pride  and refuse to compromise.

Love :

Arians are magnetic due to their energy and friendliness. They attract and are attracted to the opposite sex. They enjoy physical relationships. However they seek new experiences and may get bored in their affairs if they offer no excitement. They like intelligent and versatile partners. They can be over emotional. It will be good if they  let their head rule their heart. They are lavish, progressive and adventurous; so they fascinate  the opposite sex.

Useful information for Arians :

    * Good career choices for you are:

                  Army,  Sports,    Surgeon, Explorer,   Engineer,   Navy, Politics     and Administration where leadership is  required.

    * Ruling planet: Mars.
    * Lucky color: red.
    * Lucky gemstone: Coral, diamond.
    * Lucky numbers : 9 and 1.

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