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Head Numerologist
is your true numerology guide. It is a professional quality Numerology software with fantastic features and is free for personal use.  It creates complete numerology forecast report covering all aspects of life with useful remedies for various problems. The freeware version is almost full functional, without any date range limitation and comes with NO EXPIRY!
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Head Numerologist Pro has some additional valuable features like a large database of unique names, locations of the world; greater choice of alphabet values systems and others. For full details, please visit the Head Numerologist Pro page.  The activation of HN Pro is easy and quick. Just install the freeware software and then send us the HD key displayed by the application in the <F10 - About> option and also in <register your copy> option. After the the receipt of  this number, a password or key will be sent which you can enter in the register your copy option and this will Unlock the PRO features. 
Napoleon's Oracle
is your 100% free divine guide and fortune teller based on an ancient Egyptian Oracle which was often consulted by Napoleon Bonaparte - the Emperor of France. Now the same Napoleon's Oraculum is available to you! You can consult this Oracle on any matter right from financial prospects to affairs of the heart.
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(Quick Numerologist) is your 100% free quick numerology advisor. It is a handy numerology software tool to generate a quick and precise numerology personality and forecast report.
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Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller is a 100% free Feng Shui KUA number calculator. It is a handy software tool to calculate instantly Feng Shui KUA number. It gives the knowledge of auspicious and  inauspicious directions for a person.
It suggests more than 200 powerful feng shui tips & remedies among many other things. It is sure to make you wealthy, healthy and happy.
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Rahu Kalam Calculator is a 100% free software tool to calculate accurately Rahu Kalam (Raghu Kalam/Rahu Kaal), YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam. In Indian Astrology, Rahu Kalam, YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam are periods of time in a day which are considered inauspicious and therefore carefully avoided.
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Chaughadia Muhurta Calculator is a 100% free software to calculate accurately Chaughadia Muhurtas. In Vedic Astrology, Chaughadia Muhurtas are an  effective method to find out the intra-day auspicious times to start a new venture / project / business or begin an important / auspicious work.
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OTools (Office Organiser)
is your superfast and supereasy personal and business organiser. It is a 100% free gift to our visitors and users of our services and products. OTools has excellent utilities for routine office and personal use. It makes you work smartly and accomplish a lot more in a day. It has address book, time-planner, world times, financial calculator, notepad, phone calls, unit convertor etc....
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Free Annual Calendars 2012 : Just Download them and print them using your inkjet or laser printer and keep / hang them wherever you like. There are four fantastic photo calendars depicting icebergs, natural scenery etc.
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You can download any one or all of the following software published by AstrOccult. A brief description of each product is also given. All products are 100% free. For further information on a product, click the product heading. To download software, please click the "Download" link.
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