General behavior:

Cancer People are sometimes difficult to get along because they are moody and changeable and difficult to understand. Cancerians can have divergent personalities. They are usually domestic by nature and like to staty-at home and enjoy the family atmosphere. They are dreamy by nature and can have intuitions. They are creative and like  films, arts, writing, and drama. They are very sensitive. They should try to live near large water bodies like seas and lakes. This will have a soothing effect on them.  They are sincere and can be very religious minded.

Love :

Since cancerians are very sensitive and sentinmental, they make as well as break relationships quickly. They can have several love affairs  at the same time or one after another.  They often receive disappointment in love and marriage. They need  partners who can understand them very well.

Useful Information  for Cancerians :

    * Good career choices for them are:

                   Nursing profession,  arts, painting, writing, Journalist
                   House maker, cooking, gardening,  psychic healing,                     reiki, astrology

    * Ruling planet: Moon.
    * Lucky color: silve, white
    * Lucky gemstone: pearl.
    * Lucky numbers : 4 and 6. - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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