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#1 Goldfish bring good luck in Feng Shui. Placing goldfish inside the home or office aquarium will activate good luck. Keep nine fish- eight red or golden and one black. When one dies, replace with a new one. The most auspicious place for the aquarium is in the living room of a home and the front entrance of an  office. Never place aquarium in your bedroom.

#2  Bring good luck and wealth with a tabletop fountain on your desk, living room, kitchen or in the front entrance. Placing a fountain in these locations attracts wealth and good luck. Keep the water and the fountain clean. This feature will also be good for your health.

#3   Keep  your front door attractive and conspicuous. It should not be hidden. Front door can enhance your health & wealth if properly modified. The door should be free from any deformity. It must not make a creaking sound.

#4  Keep your house, office or work place free from clutter. This will enhance prosperity: Clutter or  junk anywhere can cause problems with respect to the area it is present in which can be wealth, career, health, knowledge etc. Clutter casts sveral bad effects. So get rid of it. Keep thing in your room you really require.

#5 In your bedroom, keep the headboard against the wall which gives you a clear view of the door. Your head should not point towards bedroom door or toilet When sleeping, your head must not be placed directly under a a window and below a beam. This will save you from tensions and hurdles.

#6  Keep houseplants in your home, office etc. This will promote prosperity and harmony.: Houseplants promote good energy by releasing oxygen into the air. Do not plant plants with sharp or  pointed leaves or thorns. Avoid  cactus and the like plants.  Do not keep withered, diseased or dying plants.

#7  You  can hang small bells on the outside of your main door of your home or office to bring good luck. The bells should be tied together with a red thread or ribbon, as this activates good luck.

#8  Do not use  mirrors (especially big ones) in the bedroom. They can spoil relationships with your dear ones.

#9  Hang three I-Ching coins with a red thread on the door handle inside the main door of your home or office. This will attract wealth. You can also keep them in your walet for better results.

#10 South East is the universal wealth corner. Energise it by placing a leafy green plant or a bubbling aquarium there. This should be done in living room only. Doing so in bed-room, toilet or dining room will be harmful.

#11  Keep brooms and mops, dusting cloth etc. out of sight. These must not be visible when you enter your home, bedroom, living room, kitchen etc.

#12  Avoid keeping TV in your bedroom. If you do, then it should not face the bed. You should keep it covered when not in use.

#13 Do not use cracked glass, chipped crockery and utensils.

#14  Hang a Pa Kua mirror outside your front door. This will deflect secret bad energy which is generated by some pole, transformer etc. immediately in front of your house, or long lines of buildings in front and roads pointing towards your door. 

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