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Annual Horoscope With Interpretation

In Vedic Astrology, annual / yearly
horoscope is constructed for a year when
the  Sun returns to same sign and degree
as that of its natal position in that year.
At, we provide accurate
computerized annual horoscope with
predictions from Birthday to Birthday.

The annual horoscope, also called
varshphal, covers expected important
changes,  events and happenings. What
is important is that, in case of bad events
/ happenings, you are cautioned before-
handed. You can take suitable steps to
prepare yourself and then avoid them as
much as it is possible.
Basic Horoscope (details below) is
provided free with Annual Horoscope.
What You Will Get
In Your Varshphal Report

Your Birth Chart ( Janam Kundli)
Planetary Positions (Graha Spasht)
Ghat chakra, Avkahda chakra
Moon Chart, Bhav Chart, Navansh Chart
Bhav Spasht
Sudarshan Chakra
Shodas Varga Summary
Vimshottari Mahadasha
Vimshottari Anterdasha
Vimshottari Pratyantar dasha
Annual Chart (Varsh Kundli)
Annual Planetary Positions (Graha Spasht)
Computerized Interpretation of Annual
Chart on the basis of Planetary Dasha

Varshphal Report in 15+ pages
Language : English

Regular Price One Year Varshphal  Rs. 400

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One Year Rs. 200 or $4.00
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Two Year Varshphal  Rs. 300 or $6.00 Guarantee

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