General Characteristics :

Scorpio people are ruled by the planet Mars.  Under its influence they are energetic, intense and powerful.  They have strong emotions which they often manage to hide.  They have sharp features, attractive eyes and nose.  They  are secretive in many respects. They can be introvert and self-contained.  But they can be equally sociable. They are sincere and jealous so appear enigmatic to others.

Love :

They attract the opposite sex like a magnet. But they must exercise discretion in making relationships.  Their single-mindedness, possessive and jealous approach in love sometimes creates problems and may cause break ups.
They must exercise restraint in matters of the heart.

Useful Information for Scorpions :

          Good career choices for them are :
      Surgeon,   army, medical line with surgery as option, researcher, police force, detective,  legal profession

    * Ruling planet: Pluto/ Mars.
    * Lucky color: dark red or maroon.
    * Lucky gemstone: coral, opal.
    * Lucky numbers : 2, 7, 9 - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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