General characteristics:

Leo people are ruled by the planet Sun. No wonder that they have royal disposition in many respects.  They are highly ambitious and desire name and fame.  They have a powerful  personality. They think big but often commit mistakes in small issues. They can be extrovert as well as introvert. They make several friends. They are opportunistic in the sense that they develop contacts and relationships thinking they will be of use or benefit later in life. Sometimes they behave in an erratic manner and cause inconvenience to others also.

They have a tendency to indulge in vices  which may wreck their career or life. Their good behaviour often wins several friends.  They become impatient if they don't get success quickly. They can adopt even bad means to achieve their goals. They must curb their tendency of over-ambitiousness.  They are courageous and don't yield easily.  They are fond of patronizing and helping the needy.

Love :

They by nature don't run after the oposite sex. They like to form long-lasting relationships but they tend to take people for granted and this may sour a relationship. They should learn to respect the feelings of others in love.

Useful Information for  Leos :

    * Good career choices for them  are:

                        High rank job in army, administration, sports,  education, politics and  any position  where  leadership qualities are required.
   * Ruling planet: Sun.
    * Lucky color: orange, red.
    * Lucky gemstones: Ruby and Coral.
    * Lucky numbers : 1, 4 and 6. - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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