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(Universal Greenwich Mean Time  0:00)

AT  28-36N  77-13E (New Delhi) 

Geocentric Planetary Positions - (Tropical | Western) (Daily | Monthly) At 5.30 am IST | Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)  0:00  at  28-36N  77-13E (New Delhi) are given below.
For Indian | Sidereal planetary positions and ephemeris, click here.
The tropical zodiac is thought to have been used by Western astrologers since about 100 BCE. It does not correspond to the visible zodiac. Instead, it is based on seasons and their relationship to the cycles of the Sun. Seasons are defined as seen from the Northern Hemisphere and the March equinox has a fixed relationship to 0 of Aries, regardless of the astronomical position of the Sun with respect to constellations as seen from Earth. This means that during the March equinox, the Sun is always seen as being "in" Aries. So, the tropical zodiac fixes the Northern Hemisphere's vernal equinox point (the Sun's position at the March equinox) to 0 of Aries, without taking the precession of the equinoxes (called ayanamsha)  into account, and defines the rest of the zodiac from this point. Because of this, sidereal zodiac uses a correction called ayanamsa to account for the precession of equinoxes. Therefore, the two systems do not remain fixed relative to each other and drift apart by about 1 per 72 years. At present the the value of aynamsha is 24 degree 07 minutes (1st January 2019). The difference between geocentric and topocentric position (topocentric means position relative to an observer on the surface of the Earth) for a given time is negligible for all planets except the Moon which may vary for about 1 degree.
Ayanamsha changes approximately:  50 seconds per 1 year,   4 seconds per month
The daily | monthly tropical (western) planetary positions are given below.
For Sidereal Planetary Positions (vedic | Indian | nirayan), click here.

May 2020

Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head
01 Fr 11Tau05 12Leo52 06Tau33 19Gem07 21Aqu38 26Cap57 01Aqu52 06Tau52 20Pis13 R24Cap59 R00Can16
02 Sa 12Tau03 26Leo43 08Tau39 19Gem31 22Aqu19 26Cap59 01Aqu53 06Tau55 20Pis15 R24Cap59 R00Can15
03 Su 13Tau02 10Vir58 10Tau47 19Gem54 23Aqu01 27Cap02 01Aqu54 06Tau58 20Pis16 R24Cap59 R00Can12
04 Mo 14Tau00 25Vir35 12Tau55 20Gem15 23Aqu42 27Cap04 01Aqu55 07Tau02 20Pis18 R24Cap59 R00Can07
05 Tu 14Tau58 10Lib29 15Tau05 20Gem34 24Aqu23 27Cap06 01Aqu56 07Tau05 20Pis19 R24Cap58 R00Can01
06 We 15Tau56 25Lib33 17Tau15 20Gem51 25Aqu05 27Cap07 01Aqu56 07Tau09 20Pis21 R24Cap58 R29Gem55
07 Th 16Tau54 10Sco37 19Tau25 21Gem06 25Aqu46 27Cap09 01Aqu57 07Tau12 20Pis22 R24Cap58 R29Gem49
08 Fr 17Tau52 25Sco33 21Tau35 21Gem19 26Aqu27 27Cap10 01Aqu57 07Tau16 20Pis24 R24Cap57 R29Gem44
09 Sa 18Tau50 10Sag10 23Tau45 21Gem29 27Aqu08 27Cap11 01Aqu57 07Tau19 20Pis25 R24Cap57 R29Gem40
10 Su 19Tau48 24Sag24 25Tau55 21Gem38 27Aqu49 27Cap12 01Aqu57 07Tau22 20Pis26 R24Cap57 R29Gem39
11 Mo 20Tau46 08Cap12 28Tau03 21Gem44 28Aqu31 27Cap13 01Aqu57 07Tau26 20Pis28 R24Cap56 D29Gem39
12 Tu 21Tau44 21Cap32 00Gem11 21Gem48 29Aqu12 27Cap14 R01Aqu57 07Tau29 20Pis29 R24Cap56 29Gem40
13 We 22Tau42 04Aqu27 02Gem17 21Gem50 29Aqu53 27Cap14 R01Aqu57 07Tau32 20Pis30 R24Cap55 29Gem42
14 Th 23Tau40 17Aqu01 04Gem22 R21Gem50 00Pis34 27Cap14 R01Aqu57 07Tau36 20Pis32 R24Cap55 29Gem43
15 Fr 24Tau38 29Aqu17 06Gem24 R21Gem47 01Pis15 R27Cap14 R01Aqu57 07Tau39 20Pis33 R24Cap54 R29Gem43
16 Sa 25Tau36 11Pis21 08Gem25 R21Gem42 01Pis56 R27Cap14 R01Aqu56 07Tau42 20Pis34 R24Cap54 R29Gem41
17 Su 26Tau33 23Pis17 10Gem23 R21Gem34 02Pis36 R27Cap14 R01Aqu56 07Tau46 20Pis35 R24Cap53 R29Gem39
18 Mo 27Tau31 05Ari08 12Gem19 R21Gem24 03Pis17 R27Cap13 R01Aqu55 07Tau49 20Pis37 R24Cap53 R29Gem35
19 Tu 28Tau29 17Ari00 14Gem12 R21Gem11 03Pis58 R27Cap13 R01Aqu54 07Tau52 20Pis38 R24Cap52 R29Gem30
20 We 29Tau27 28Ari55 16Gem03 R20Gem56 04Pis39 R27Cap12 R01Aqu54 07Tau56 20Pis39 R24Cap51 R29Gem24
21 Th 00Gem24 10Tau56 17Gem50 R20Gem39 05Pis19 R27Cap11 R01Aqu53 07Tau59 20Pis40 R24Cap51 R29Gem19
22 Fr 01Gem22 23Tau04 19Gem35 R20Gem19 06Pis00 R27Cap09 R01Aqu52 08Tau02 20Pis41 R24Cap50 R29Gem15
23 Sa 02Gem20 05Gem21 21Gem16 R19Gem58 06Pis40 R27Cap08 R01Aqu51 08Tau05 20Pis42 R24Cap49 R29Gem12
24 Su 03Gem18 17Gem48 22Gem55 R19Gem34 07Pis21 R27Cap06 R01Aqu49 08Tau09 20Pis43 R24Cap48 R29Gem10
25 Mo 04Gem15 00Can27 24Gem30 R19Gem07 08Pis01 R27Cap04 R01Aqu48 08Tau12 20Pis44 R24Cap48 D29Gem10
26 Tu 05Gem13 13Can19 26Gem02 R18Gem39 08Pis42 R27Cap02 R01Aqu47 08Tau15 20Pis45 R24Cap47 29Gem10
27 We 06Gem11 26Can23 27Gem31 R18Gem09 09Pis22 R27Cap00 R01Aqu45 08Tau18 20Pis46 R24Cap46 29Gem12
28 Th 07Gem08 09Leo43 28Gem57 R17Gem38 10Pis02 R26Cap57 R01Aqu44 08Tau21 20Pis46 R24Cap45 29Gem13
29 Fr 08Gem06 23Leo18 00Can20 R17Gem05 10Pis42 R26Cap55 R01Aqu42 08Tau24 20Pis47 R24Cap44 29Gem15
30 Sa 09Gem03 07Vir09 01Can39 R16Gem30 11Pis22 R26Cap52 R01Aqu40 08Tau27 20Pis48 R24Cap43 R29Gem15
31 Su 10Gem01 21Vir16 02Can55 R15Gem55 12Pis02 R26Cap49 R01Aqu39 08Tau31 20Pis49 R24Cap42 R29Gem14
Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head

June 2020

Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head
01 Mo 10Gem58 05Lib38 04Can07 R15Gem18 12Pis42 R26Cap46 R01Aqu37 08Tau34 20Pis50 R24Cap42 R29Gem13
02 Tu 11Gem56 20Lib11 05Can16 R14Gem41 13Pis22 R26Cap43 R01Aqu35 08Tau37 20Pis50 R24Cap41 R29Gem12
03 We 12Gem53 04Sco50 06Can21 R14Gem04 14Pis01 R26Cap39 R01Aqu33 08Tau40 20Pis51 R24Cap40 R29Gem10
04 Th 13Gem51 19Sco30 07Can23 R13Gem26 14Pis41 R26Cap35 R01Aqu30 08Tau43 20Pis52 R24Cap39 R29Gem08
05 Fr 14Gem48 04Sag04 08Can21 R12Gem48 15Pis20 R26Cap32 R01Aqu28 08Tau46 20Pis52 R24Cap38 R29Gem06
06 Sa 15Gem46 18Sag25 09Can16 R12Gem11 16Pis00 R26Cap28 R01Aqu26 08Tau48 20Pis53 R24Cap37 R29Gem05
07 Su 16Gem43 02Cap28 10Can06 R11Gem34 16Pis39 R26Cap23 R01Aqu23 08Tau51 20Pis53 R24Cap36 D29Gem05
08 Mo 17Gem40 16Cap11 10Can53 R10Gem58 17Pis19 R26Cap19 R01Aqu21 08Tau54 20Pis54 R24Cap34 29Gem06
09 Tu 18Gem38 29Cap30 11Can35 R10Gem23 17Pis58 R26Cap15 R01Aqu18 08Tau57 20Pis54 R24Cap33 29Gem06
10 We 19Gem35 12Aqu28 12Can14 R09Gem49 18Pis37 R26Cap10 R01Aqu16 09Tau00 20Pis55 R24Cap32 29Gem08
11 Th 20Gem32 25Aqu05 12Can48 R09Gem17 19Pis16 R26Cap05 R01Aqu13 09Tau03 20Pis55 R24Cap31 29Gem08
12 Fr 21Gem30 07Pis24 13Can19 R08Gem46 19Pis55 R26Cap00 R01Aqu10 09Tau05 20Pis56 R24Cap30 29Gem09
13 Sa 22Gem27 19Pis31 13Can44 R08Gem17 20Pis33 R25Cap55 R01Aqu07 09Tau08 20Pis56 R24Cap29 R29Gem09
14 Su 23Gem24 01Ari28 14Can06 R07Gem50 21Pis12 R25Cap50 R01Aqu04 09Tau11 20Pis56 R24Cap28 R29Gem08
15 Mo 24Gem22 13Ari21 14Can22 R07Gem25 21Pis50 R25Cap44 R01Aqu01 09Tau14 20Pis57 R24Cap26 R29Gem08
16 Tu 25Gem19 25Ari14 14Can35 R07Gem02 22Pis29 R25Cap39 R00Aqu58 09Tau16 20Pis57 R24Cap25 R29Gem08
17 We 26Gem16 07Tau11 14Can43 R06Gem41 23Pis07 R25Cap33 R00Aqu55 09Tau19 20Pis57 R24Cap24 R29Gem08
18 Th 27Gem14 19Tau17 14Can46 R06Gem23 23Pis45 R25Cap27 R00Aqu52 09Tau21 20Pis57 R24Cap23 R29Gem07
19 Fr 28Gem11 01Gem33 R14Can44 R06Gem07 24Pis23 R25Cap21 R00Aqu48 09Tau24 20Pis57 R24Cap21 D29Gem07
20 Sa 29Gem08 14Gem02 R14Can39 R05Gem53 25Pis01 R25Cap15 R00Aqu45 09Tau26 20Pis57 R24Cap20 29Gem07
21 Su 00Can05 26Gem46 R14Can29 R05Gem42 25Pis38 R25Cap09 R00Aqu41 09Tau29 20Pis58 R24Cap19 29Gem07
22 Mo 01Can03 09Can45 R14Can14 R05Gem33 26Pis16 R25Cap03 R00Aqu38 09Tau31 20Pis58 R24Cap18 R29Gem07
23 Tu 02Can00 22Can59 R13Can56 R05Gem26 26Pis53 R24Cap56 R00Aqu34 09Tau34 20Pis58 R24Cap16 R29Gem07
24 We 02Can57 06Leo27 R13Can34 R05Gem22 27Pis30 R24Cap50 R00Aqu31 09Tau36 R20Pis58 R24Cap15 R29Gem07
25 Th 03Can54 20Leo09 R13Can08 R05Gem20 28Pis07 R24Cap43 R00Aqu27 09Tau39 R20Pis58 R24Cap14 R29Gem06
26 Fr 04Can52 04Vir01 R12Can40 D05Gem21 28Pis44 R24Cap36 R00Aqu23 09Tau41 R20Pis57 R24Cap12 R29Gem06
27 Sa 05Can49 18Vir03 R12Can09 05Gem24 29Pis21 R24Cap29 R00Aqu20 09Tau43 R20Pis57 R24Cap11 R29Gem05
28 Su 06Can46 02Lib12 R11Can36 05Gem29 29Pis57 R24Cap22 R00Aqu16 09Tau45 R20Pis57 R24Cap10 R29Gem05
29 Mo 07Can43 16Lib27 R11Can01 05Gem36 00Ari34 R24Cap15 R00Aqu12 09Tau48 R20Pis57 R24Cap08 D29Gem05
30 Tu 08Can41 00Sco43 R10Can25 05Gem45 01Ari10 R24Cap08 R00Aqu08 09Tau50 R20Pis57 R24Cap07 29Gem05
Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head

July 2020

Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head
01 We 09Can38 14Sco59 R09Can49 05Gem56 01Ari46 R24Cap01 R00Aqu04 09Tau52 R20Pis57 R24Cap05 29Gem06
02 Th 10Can35 29Sco12 R09Can13 06Gem10 02Ari21 R23Cap54 R30Cap00 09Tau54 R20Pis56 R24Cap04 29Gem07
03 Fr 11Can32 13Sag18 R08Can38 06Gem25 02Ari57 R23Cap46 R29Cap56 09Tau56 R20Pis56 R24Cap03 29Gem08
04 Sa 12Can29 27Sag14 R08Can04 06Gem43 03Ari32 R23Cap39 R29Cap52 09Tau58 R20Pis56 R24Cap01 29Gem08
05 Su 13Can27 10Cap57 R07Can33 07Gem02 04Ari08 R23Cap32 R29Cap48 10Tau00 R20Pis55 R24Cap00 R29Gem08
06 Mo 14Can24 24Cap24 R07Can04 07Gem23 04Ari42 R23Cap24 R29Cap43 10Tau02 R20Pis55 R23Cap58 R29Gem07
07 Tu 15Can21 07Aqu34 R06Can38 07Gem46 05Ari17 R23Cap17 R29Cap39 10Tau04 R20Pis55 R23Cap57 R29Gem05
08 We 16Can18 20Aqu26 R06Can16 08Gem10 05Ari52 R23Cap09 R29Cap35 10Tau06 R20Pis54 R23Cap56 R29Gem03
09 Th 17Can15 03Pis01 R05Can57 08Gem36 06Ari26 R23Cap01 R29Cap31 10Tau07 R20Pis54 R23Cap54 R29Gem01
10 Fr 18Can12 15Pis20 R05Can43 09Gem04 07Ari00 R22Cap54 R29Cap27 10Tau09 R20Pis53 R23Cap53 R28Gem58
11 Sa 19Can10 27Pis27 R05Can34 09Gem33 07Ari34 R22Cap46 R29Cap22 10Tau11 R20Pis53 R23Cap51 R28Gem56
12 Su 20Can07 09Ari25 R05Can30 10Gem03 08Ari07 R22Cap38 R29Cap18 10Tau12 R20Pis52 R23Cap50 R28Gem55
13 Mo 21Can04 21Ari18 D05Can31 10Gem35 08Ari41 R22Cap31 R29Cap13 10Tau14 R20Pis51 R23Cap48 D28Gem54
14 Tu 22Can01 03Tau12 05Can37 11Gem09 09Ari14 R22Cap23 R29Cap09 10Tau16 R20Pis51 R23Cap47 28Gem54
15 We 22Can59 15Tau10 05Can48 11Gem43 09Ari46 R22Cap15 R29Cap05 10Tau17 R20Pis50 R23Cap45 28Gem55
16 Th 23Can56 27Tau17 06Can05 12Gem19 10Ari19 R22Cap07 R29Cap00 10Tau19 R20Pis49 R23Cap44 28Gem57
17 Fr 24Can53 09Gem38 06Can27 12Gem56 10Ari51 R22Cap00 R28Cap56 10Tau20 R20Pis49 R23Cap43 28Gem59
18 Sa 25Can50 22Gem16 06Can55 13Gem35 11Ari23 R21Cap52 R28Cap51 10Tau22 R20Pis48 R23Cap41 29Gem00
19 Su 26Can48 05Can13 07Can28 14Gem14 11Ari54 R21Cap44 R28Cap47 10Tau23 R20Pis47 R23Cap40 R29Gem00
20 Mo 27Can45 18Can31 08Can07 14Gem54 12Ari26 R21Cap37 R28Cap43 10Tau24 R20Pis46 R23Cap38 R28Gem59
21 Tu 28Can42 02Leo08 08Can52 15Gem36 12Ari57 R21Cap29 R28Cap38 10Tau25 R20Pis45 R23Cap37 R28Gem56
22 We 29Can39 16Leo03 09Can41 16Gem18 13Ari27 R21Cap21 R28Cap34 10Tau27 R20Pis45 R23Cap35 R28Gem52
23 Th 00Leo37 00Vir12 10Can36 17Gem02 13Ari57 R21Cap14 R28Cap29 10Tau28 R20Pis44 R23Cap34 R28Gem47
24 Fr 01Leo34 14Vir30 11Can36 17Gem46 14Ari27 R21Cap06 R28Cap25 10Tau29 R20Pis43 R23Cap32 R28Gem43
25 Sa 02Leo31 28Vir52 12Can42 18Gem31 14Ari57 R20Cap59 R28Cap20 10Tau30 R20Pis42 R23Cap31 R28Gem39
26 Su 03Leo29 13Lib14 13Can52 19Gem17 15Ari26 R20Cap51 R28Cap16 10Tau31 R20Pis41 R23Cap30 R28Gem36
27 Mo 04Leo26 27Lib31 15Can08 20Gem04 15Ari55 R20Cap44 R28Cap12 10Tau32 R20Pis40 R23Cap28 R28Gem34
28 Tu 05Leo23 11Sco41 16Can28 20Gem51 16Ari23 R20Cap37 R28Cap07 10Tau33 R20Pis39 R23Cap27 D28Gem34
29 We 06Leo21 25Sco42 17Can53 21Gem40 16Ari51 R20Cap30 R28Cap03 10Tau34 R20Pis38 R23Cap25 28Gem35
30 Th 07Leo18 09Sag34 19Can23 22Gem29 17Ari19 R20Cap22 R27Cap58 10Tau35 R20Pis37 R23Cap24 28Gem37
31 Fr 08Leo15 23Sag15 20Can57 23Gem19 17Ari46 R20Cap15 R27Cap54 10Tau36 R20Pis36 R23Cap23 28Gem38
Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head

August 2020

Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head
01 Sa 09Leo13 06Cap45 22Can35 24Gem09 18Ari13 R20Cap08 R27Cap50 10Tau36 R20Pis34 R23Cap21 R28Gem38
02 Su 10Leo10 20Cap03 24Can17 25Gem00 18Ari39 R20Cap02 R27Cap46 10Tau37 R20Pis33 R23Cap20 R28Gem36
03 Mo 11Leo08 03Aqu10 26Can02 25Gem52 19Ari05 R19Cap55 R27Cap41 10Tau38 R20Pis32 R23Cap18 R28Gem32
04 Tu 12Leo05 16Aqu03 27Can51 26Gem44 19Ari31 R19Cap48 R27Cap37 10Tau38 R20Pis31 R23Cap17 R28Gem26
05 We 13Leo02 28Aqu43 29Can43 27Gem37 19Ari56 R19Cap42 R27Cap33 10Tau39 R20Pis30 R23Cap16 R28Gem19
06 Th 14Leo00 11Pis10 01Leo38 28Gem31 20Ari21 R19Cap35 R27Cap29 10Tau39 R20Pis29 R23Cap14 R28Gem11
07 Fr 14Leo57 23Pis24 03Leo35 29Gem25 20Ari45 R19Cap29 R27Cap25 10Tau40 R20Pis27 R23Cap13 R28Gem02
08 Sa 15Leo55 05Ari28 05Leo34 00Can20 21Ari08 R19Cap23 R27Cap20 10Tau40 R20Pis26 R23Cap12 R27Gem55
09 Su 16Leo52 17Ari25 07Leo34 01Can15 21Ari31 R19Cap17 R27Cap16 10Tau40 R20Pis25 R23Cap10 R27Gem49
10 Mo 17Leo50 29Ari17 09Leo35 02Can11 21Ari54 R19Cap11 R27Cap12 10Tau41 R20Pis23 R23Cap09 R27Gem46
11 Tu 18Leo47 11Tau08 11Leo38 03Can07 22Ari16 R19Cap05 R27Cap08 10Tau41 R20Pis22 R23Cap08 R27Gem44
12 We 19Leo45 23Tau05 13Leo41 04Can04 22Ari38 R18Cap59 R27Cap04 10Tau41 R20Pis21 R23Cap07 D27Gem43
13 Th 20Leo43 05Gem11 15Leo44 05Can01 22Ari59 R18Cap54 R27Cap01 10Tau41 R20Pis19 R23Cap05 27Gem44
14 Fr 21Leo40 17Gem33 17Leo47 05Can58 23Ari19 R18Cap48 R26Cap57 10Tau41 R20Pis18 R23Cap04 27Gem45
15 Sa 22Leo38 00Can13 19Leo50 06Can56 23Ari39 R18Cap43 R26Cap53 10Tau42 R20Pis17 R23Cap03 R27Gem45
16 Su 23Leo36 13Can17 21Leo52 07Can55 23Ari58 R18Cap38 R26Cap49 R10Tau42 R20Pis15 R23Cap02 R27Gem44
17 Mo 24Leo33 26Can46 23Leo53 08Can54 24Ari17 R18Cap33 R26Cap46 R10Tau41 R20Pis14 R23Cap01 R27Gem41
18 Tu 25Leo31 10Leo41 25Leo54 09Can53 24Ari35 R18Cap28 R26Cap42 R10Tau41 R20Pis12 R22Cap59 R27Gem35
19 We 26Leo29 24Leo58 27Leo54 10Can53 24Ari52 R18Cap23 R26Cap38 R10Tau41 R20Pis11 R22Cap58 R27Gem27
20 Th 27Leo26 09Vir33 29Leo53 11Can53 25Ari09 R18Cap19 R26Cap35 R10Tau41 R20Pis09 R22Cap57 R27Gem18
21 Fr 28Leo24 24Vir18 01Vir50 12Can53 25Ari25 R18Cap14 R26Cap31 R10Tau41 R20Pis08 R22Cap56 R27Gem09
22 Sa 29Leo22 09Lib05 03Vir47 13Can54 25Ari40 R18Cap10 R26Cap28 R10Tau40 R20Pis06 R22Cap55 R27Gem01
23 Su 00Vir20 23Lib46 05Vir42 14Can55 25Ari55 R18Cap06 R26Cap25 R10Tau40 R20Pis05 R22Cap54 R26Gem54
24 Mo 01Vir18 08Sco16 07Vir35 15Can56 26Ari09 R18Cap02 R26Cap22 R10Tau40 R20Pis03 R22Cap53 R26Gem50
25 Tu 02Vir16 22Sco31 09Vir28 16Can58 26Ari22 R17Cap59 R26Cap18 R10Tau39 R20Pis02 R22Cap52 R26Gem48
26 We 03Vir13 06Sag28 11Vir19 18Can00 26Ari35 R17Cap55 R26Cap15 R10Tau39 R20Pis00 R22Cap51 D26Gem48
27 Th 04Vir11 20Sag08 13Vir09 19Can02 26Ari47 R17Cap52 R26Cap12 R10Tau38 R19Pis59 R22Cap50 26Gem48
28 Fr 05Vir09 03Cap33 14Vir58 20Can04 26Ari58 R17Cap49 R26Cap09 R10Tau38 R19Pis57 R22Cap49 R26Gem48
29 Sa 06Vir07 16Cap43 16Vir45 21Can07 27Ari08 R17Cap46 R26Cap06 R10Tau37 R19Pis55 R22Cap48 R26Gem46
30 Su 07Vir05 29Cap40 18Vir31 22Can10 27Ari17 R17Cap43 R26Cap04 R10Tau36 R19Pis54 R22Cap47 R26Gem42
31 Mo 08Vir03 12Aqu26 20Vir15 23Can14 27Ari26 R17Cap41 R26Cap01 R10Tau36 R19Pis52 R22Cap46 R26Gem35
Day Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Dragon Head

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