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Rahu Kaal




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Astroccult Rahu Kalam Calculator is a 100% free software tool to calculate accurately Rahu Kalam (Raghu Kalam/Rahu Kaal), YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam. In Indian Astrology, Rahu Kalam, YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam have an important place. They are periods of time in a day which are considered inauspicious and therefore carefully avoided when finding muhurta (auspicious time) for beginning any new project, venture, business, important ceremonies like marriage, entrying a new house, baptism etc. Their are also times when you may have more luck and can increase your chances in games such as online bingo and chess as well as other luck based games.  





The Calculator accurately calculates the intra-day times of Rahu Kalam, YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam based on the input and for any place in the world.

Gives Information on Rahu Kalam

and the Method to Calculate it

Information on Yamagandam and Gulika Kalam

Useful Information on Rahu (Dragon's Head) and Ketu (Dragon's Tail), their nature and influence, the mantras to pacify them and their mythological background besides other details.

100% Free, Full-functional, light-weight (663 kb), No Expiry & runs on all Windows Versions from 98 onwards.

The software has no adware, no malware, no spyware



Astroccult Rahu Kalam Calculator is a freeware and it has no expiry. You are free to distribute it as per the license. Please read the instructions carefully before you use the Calculator.


Credits: P V Singh  (Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmist)

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