General Characteristics :

Libra People are ruled by the planet Venus. So they inherit the qualities of venus. They are usually  good looking,  charming, gentle and kind. They are fond of all the good things in life. They have plenty of good friends. However they do not like being criticized.  They are lovers of arts.  They are considerate and sympathetic.  They like new things, new ideas, new relationships.

Love :

They are passionate. They attract and are attracted by the opposite sex easily.  They can deveop short as well as long lasting relationships. Under negative influences, they  have a tendency to flirt from one love affair to another.  Love sometime makes them blind and they lose their discretion and fail to understand the  difference between good and bad. They must think carefully before making a move in love.  They can be easily deceived in love.

Useful Information for Libraians :

     *      Good career choices for them  are:

         fashion designing, writer, banking, music, actor,                                        performing arts, politics
    * Ruling planet: Venus
    * Lucky color: blue, white
    * Lucky gemstone: blue sapphire, Diamond
    * Lucky numbers : 1, 2 and 7 - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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