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Numerology and You!
Numerology and You!


Numerology for Beginners

Guide To Numbers: Hidden Meaning
Compound Numbers & Their Meaning

The  science  of  Numerology is   older  than  Astrology. It is an ancient method of divination in which all things have a numerical value.  It is believed that this numerical value can help us have insight into the world around us and grasp a better understanding of the universe. This could be anything, because everything in the universe is numbers based.  From birthdays and calendar cycles to roulette numbers and statistics. The  concept  of  numbers  led  to  the  beginning  of Structured  Mathematics.and Mathematics is a pre-requisite for The study of measurement and motion of the stars on the basis of which  the  calculations in Astrology are done.  In fact  Numbers rule  our   lives.  We  have  house numbers, telephone  numbers, roll  numbers, car / vehicle numbers, bank account numbers, lottery numbers, numbers  on  currency  notes  and  there  are ticket  numbers be it   a  cinema  ticket or a travelling ticket. So   Numbers are everywhere whether we like it  or   not.    These   Numbers vibrate all around us with or without our Conscious Knowledge. One cannot think a world without  numbers. A world without numbers would be a world without form,  organisation,  communication  or  progress. Psychic readings are more based off of the precognitive phenomena in humans whereas  Numerology  believes   that  everything around us is in vibration and numbers  give  us a  clue to the vibrations. Every number has  a    Meaning  or  a  Vibration. There are traits and faults of every  Number.  
So  the basis of Numerology is quite logical.  History bears witness  to  the  sound  truth  of  Numerology.   The  occult  significance  of  numbers was revealed to man in  the World"s  History. Probably these secrets were revealed to  Man by this  then  more close connection with the "god force"  that called  Life  into  being. An interesting example of the  Working and  Influence  of  numbers on the life of man can be  seen in the case  of  M K Gandhi born on 2 October,1869.    Gandhi"s Life  Number  was  "2".  And  according  to  Numerology for  life  no.2,  numbers  1  &  5 are favourable, while numbers 4 & 7 are  enemy  numbers.  We  can see the good effect of   Number 2 and  the evil   effect of number 4 in the life of  Gandhi as shown  below :                                          
Birth                          2 oct.            
=  2                                            
Marraige with Kasturba  (wife) 1883    1+8+8+3  =   20     
=  2                                            
Father"s death         1885                  1+8+8+5  =   22     
=  4                                            
Lawyer in Bombay       1892               1+8+9+2  =   20     
=  2                                            
Established Tilak Fund     2 Oct.                
=  2                                            
Death of Kasturba          22 feb. 2+2           
=  4                                            
Death of Gandhi        1948  1+9+4+8  =  22      
=  4                                            
In  fact many more examples can be given, which  prove that numbers  influence  life.  Truly  Numerology is a  scientific  subject.  If  you  follow its rules carefully and  seriously,  you  would  know its practical utility in man"s life. If our  Numbers are in harmony then our lives will be in  Harmony. If  Numbers around  us  are  in cacophony then our  lives will be  In a state of disorder, disharmony and disarray. 
There  are  mainly  three  kinds of numbers which  affect our lives. They are :

                    1.   Birth number            
                    2.   Astrological number     
                    3.   Name number             

A few other kinds of numbers are : desire number, intimate number, family number and fate number. All these types of numbers are calculated and their significance revealed in the numerology software Head Numerologist.
Birth number  is  the  number  derived  from the  Day of your Birth  reduced  to  a number from 1 to 9. For   example if you Were born on 29 May 1996, then your birth no. is 

2 :  ---> 2 + 9                                        
= 11,  1 + 1 = 2.                                
Astrological number  is  calculated  according  to  The  sun Sign of a person. In the above date of birth, the  Astrological  Number  is  -  5 (sun sign Gemini) as per the Western method.

Fate Number is the sum total of your complete date of birth reduced to a single digit.

e.g.  29 may 1996
        = 2+9+5+1+9+9+6
        = 41
        = 5 

name number is  computed  according  to  the   Letters  or Alphabets  present in your name. Each letter of   the alphabet  has a corresponding number and  by  the  addition of  these  Numbers you arrive  at  your  name number. The corresponding  value of each  alphabet according to the Chaldean System of Alphabets are:                                   
   1            A  I  J  Q  Y                    
   2            B  K  R                          
   3            C  G  L  S                       
   4            D  M  T                          
   5            E  H  N  X                       
   6            U  V  W                          
   7            O  Z                             
   8            F  P                             
Name number can be easily found as described below
Suppose your name is ARVIND MOHAN, then :        
  A  R  V  I  N  D       M  O  H  A  N              
  1   2  6  1  5  4       4   7   5  1  5              
       19                   22                   
       10                   4                    
       1                    4                    
             1  +  4 = 5                         
So  5  is  the  name  number.  It  must be kept in mind that it is the name you are most known by that vibrates. 

Types Of Numerology & Values of Alphabets


There are three main types of numerology recognized and used today viz. the Pythagorean system, the Chaldean system, and the Kabbalah system. These three formal systems of numerology help one discover the world around through numbers. However, their calculations vary slightly. These system assign different numerical values to alphabets. Different numerologists follow and apply the numerical values based on the system or method they follow and consider most effective.


The following Numerical values were followed by famous numerologist Cheiro (1886-1936.) (Full name: Count Louis Hamon). In his book "Cheiro's Book of Numbers" he gave numerical values mentioned below for the English alphabet. This method is known today the Chaldean school. This system does not assign the number 9 to any letter. This is because the number 9 was considered the most sacred of numbers. Its vibratory force included the attributes of all numbers and, therefore, did not represent any individual symbol.  Alphabet values according to other systems are also given below:





       1    2    3   4   5    6   7  8   9


       A    B    C   D   E    U   O  F   -

       I    K    G   M   H    V   z  P   -

       J    R    L   T   N    W

       Q         S       X         






       PYTHAGOREAN TABLE (English Table)

      (Modern Western Numerology System)


       1  2   3  4   5   6   7  8   9


       A  B   C  D   E   F   G  H   I

       J  K   L  M   N   O   P  Q   R

       S  T   U  V   W   X   Y  Z








0   Y

1   V, W

2   B

3   C, K, Q

4   D

5   E

6   X

7   F

8   G

9   H

10  I

11  J

12  L

13  M

14  N

15  O

16  P

17  R

18  S, Z

19  T, U

21  A




Pythagorean Table  (old)


1   2   3    4    5    6    7    8    9 


A   B   C    D    E    F    G    H    I

K   L   M    N    O    P    Q    R    S

T   U   X    Y    Z    J    V    Hi   Hu





The Hebraic System Table


1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9


A    B    G    D    E    U    O    H    Th

I    C    L    M    N    V    Z    F    Tz

J    K    S    T         W         P

Q    R                   X         Ph




Single Digit & Compound Numbers


In basic form, your single digit number is from 1 to 9 only as you can observe in the examples above. It shows what you appear as in the eyes of the world while your double or compound number represents hidden influences that play a role in your life and even in your future.  Chaldean numerology lays stress on single digit numbers as well as the compound numbers which have a life of their own.  It cannot be said with certainty when and where the compound number interpretations came from. But it is evident that they have made a great mark in numerology.  Their symbols can be seen on Tarot cards today.


Click here for information on Numbers and their Secret Meanings



Please use astroccult's "HEAD NUMEROLOGIST" a Numerology software that allows you to use any of the above table or user-defined alphabet values like pythagorean, Chaldean, Greek, Hindu etc.


HEAD NUMEROLOGIST accurately  shows  the  occult significance  of numbers and their influence and  relation to  human  life.  It  tells  your  nature  and personality, your merits  and  demerits,  the important years of  your life. It predicts  your  lucky  days  of  the week, lucky month. your  future   health,   and  love  and  sex  relations are  also  Indicated. It advises  what  you  should do to brighten your chances  of  success  on the basis of your D.O.B. and name. Head  Numerologist will tell you whether your name is  favourable  for  your  life  or  not.  If  it is  not you are advised  to  modify your name by changing one or  two letters of  your  name  to  make  your  name  number  in  harmonious  relationship with your life number. Your  natural  tendencies  as  regard your career or profession  Is concerned,  are also foretold. It suggests remedial measures to beundertaken for reducing your hurdles etc.  You  would  know  yourself and choose a profession in which success will be yours and hurdles minimum. Daily, monthly and yearly forecast is available. The compatibility report  tells  you   whether  a   compatibility between  two  persons  exists  or  not. In fact it has much much more to offer. Just check out the detailed feature list here.




Guide To Numbers: Hidden Meaning


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