Ask a Question 

If you have any particular  question about which
you want to know or you are worried, can help you.   We'll answer your
any pertinent question based on the horary chart
(prashna kundli) specially cast for you.

All you need to do is to send us your  date of
birth, time of birth, place of birth and we'll
interpret your charts and send you the results 
pertinent to your question.


Before you ask question, please keep these in
your mind:

1.  Do not ask non-serious question as a joke or
fun or just to test our astrological. wisdom.  This
won't work.

2.  Please remember, if you don't have a strong
urge to know the answer to a question, please do
not ask it.

3.   Incorrect / insincere question means incorrect
answer. Remember: Garbage in, garbage out.

4.  Please don't ask questions like  when will you
die, or what will be the name of your husband or
wife or lottery number or your marks in the
examination. Such questions are difficult to 
answer in Astrology.  If any body claims so, he is
either  a god or a liar.

5.  Remember what the author of the much talked
about LAL KITAB says:

"Jyotish dunyavi hisab-kitab hai
Koi dawa-e-khudai nahin." 

Astrology is a worldly calculation;
It's not to be equated with God's decree.

6.   Ask one question at a time. But there can be
intimately releated 1-2 sub questions.

You can ask questions on :

profession, financial prospects, career, 
education, health, travelling, litigation, marriage,
divorce, disease, romance and just about

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