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The Light of Egypt


The Science of the Soul and the Stars




The Light of Egypt
The Science of the Soul and the Stars


The Light of Egypt was written by Thomas H. Burgoyne who was an astrologer and founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. He was born on April 14, 1855, and grew up in his native Scotland. As a psychic, he claimed that as a child he came into contact with the Brotherhood of Light, a group of discarnate, advanced beings who attempt to guide the destiny of humankind. Today that group continues as the Church of Light. At a later date he met a M. Theon who was said to be an earthly representative of the brotherhood and who taught Burgoyne about the Brotherhood.

Burgoyne moved to the United States around 1880 and soon afterward his writings began to appear in various periodicals. He was brought into contact with Norman Astley of Carmel, California, who also claimed to be in contact with the Brotherhood of Light. Astley suggested that Burgoyne write a set of lessons to introduce the brotherhood's teachings to the public, and Burgoyne accepted Astley's hospitality at Carmel while he worked on the lessons. They were published in 1889 as The Light of Egypt.

Burgoyne wrote several more books, including The Language of the Stars (1892), Celestial Dynamics (1896), and a second volume of The Light of Egypt (1900). He died in March 1894, in Humboldt County, California, still a relatively young man, before the last two were published. Henry and Belle Wagner continued his work.

The Light of Egypt or The Science of the Soul and the Stars is about astrology, theology and spiritual truth. According to the author, the methods date back to ancient Egypt. The book contains effective spiritual instruction. The author often refers to Hermetic, Kabalistic, and Theosophical tenets. It explores asto-mythology, astro-theology, talismans, alchemy, the humman soul among other metaphysical issues. This is a good book meant for serious study. Click below  to download the free ebook The Light of Egypt or The Science of the Soul and The Stars in PDF form.

The Contents of The Light of Egypt include :

VOLUME II Introduction
Chapter I The Zodiac
Chapter II The Constellations
Chapter III The Spiritual Interpretation of the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac
Chapter IV Astro-Theology
Chapter V Astro-Mythology
Chapter VI Symbolism
Chapter VII Alchemy Part I (organic)
Chapter VIII Alchemy Part II (occult)
Chapter IX Talismans
Chapter X Ceremonial Magic
Chapter XI Magic Wands
Chapter XII The Tablets of Aeth in three parts
Part I the Twelve Mansions Part II the Ten Planetary Rulers Part III the Ten Great Powers of the Universe
Chapter XIII Penetralia

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Thomas H. Burgoyne

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