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A. Alpheus

Complete Hypnotism: Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism
A. Alpheus

How to Hypnotize: Being an Exhaustive and Practical System of Method, Application, and Use

Complete Hypnotism by A. Alpheus was written in 1903, just sixty years after the word ‘hypnotism’ was first coined. The book explores the nature, methods and dangers of the technique of hypnotism. Hypnotism has been practiced for many centuries and it is a way to explore the human mind. The book throws interesting insights into the technique often pratised by psychologists.

The Contents of Complete Hypnotism by Alpheus comprise:

History of hypnotism
How to Hypnotize
Amusing experiments
The stages of hypnotism
How the subject feels under hypnotization
Self hypnotization
Simulation--Deception in hypnotism very common
Criminal suggestion
Dangers in being hypnotized
Hypnotism in medicine
Hypnotism of animals
A scientific explanation of hypnotism
Telepathy and Clairvoyance
The Confessions of a Medium--Spiritualistic phenomena

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