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A Highland Seer


By A Highland Seer

With Ten Illustrations

Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves is one of the most common forms of divination practised by the peasants of Scotland and by village fortune-tellers in all parts of this country. In many of the cheaper handbooks to Fortune-telling by Cards or in other ways only brief references to the Tea-cup method are given; but only too evidently by writers who are merely acquainted with it by hearsay and have not made a study of it for themselves.

Reading the Cup is essentially a domestic form of Fortune-telling to be practised at home, and with success by anyone who will take the trouble to master the simple rules laid down in these pages: and it is in the hope that it will provide a basis for much innocent and inexpensive amusement and recreation round the tea-table at home, as well as for a more serious study of an interesting subject, that this little guide-book to the science is confidently offered to the public.

Any person after a study of this book Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune Telling by Tea Leaves and by carefully following the principles here laid down may with practice quickly learn to read the horary fortunes that the tea-leaves foretell.
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[What is Tea Cup Reading
Tea Cup reading is an ancient art of divination, sometimes referred to as Tasseography or Tasseomancy or Tassology. In this method of fortune-telling, patterns of tea leaves in a tea cup are studied and interpreted. The term also refers to the reading of coffee grounds, and also to the reading of wine sediments. The term derives from the French word "tasse" which means cup, which in turn is rooted in arabic "tassa" (small cup). Tasseography is often associated with Gypsy fortune tellers. However, the tradition of tea cup reading using tea leaves appears to have originated  independently in Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. In modern times, tasseography has also been associated with Scotland, Ireland and Eastern Europe. ]

The Contents of Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune Telling include :


I.  Introduction to the Art of Divination from Tea-Leaves 

II.  Ritual and Method of Using the Teacup

III.  General Principles To Be Observed in Reading the Cup 

IV.  An Alphabetical List of Symbols with Their Significations

V.  Specimen Cups, with Interpretations

VI.  Omens

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