Best Spiritual and Talismanic Jewelry for Your
Protection. Success and Health available on the
The Talisman is an object marked
with magic signs and is believed
to confer on its bearer
supernatural powers or
protection.Talisman jewelry is
worn for protection, success and
good health. David’s Talismans
are based on sacred symbols
and the world’s major religious
and mystic concepts. Each jewel
is made with great love and focus
to its benefit.
Very often the talismans symbols
are taken out of sacred geometry.
The term "sacred geometry" is
used by archaeologists,
anthropologists, and
geometricians to encompass the
religious, philosophical and
spiritual beliefs that have sprung
up around. It is a term covering
Pythagorean geometry and neo-
Platonic geometry. Sacred
geometry symbols are a means
of bringing subtle, inner realities
to a focus in outward expression.
Within the fundamental unity of
consciousness, certain symbols,
such as the lotus lifting itself in
purity above the muddy water,
possess universal relevance and
David's Egyptian jewelry art work
is based on a long study of the
ancient Egyptian wisdom. The
Egyptian jewelry art contains
elements from the emerald tablet
of Thoth, Egyptian hieroglyph,
Egyptian symbols and alchemy. 
The Tree of Life describes the
descent of the divine into the
manifest world, and methods by
which divine union is attained in
this life. It is viewed as a map of
the human psyche, and of the
workings of creation.  David’s
Tree of life jewelry art work
contains the Tree of life symbol,
Flower of life, Seed of life and the
Egg of life. Each symbol is
related to a different step of
creation and facilitates different
Kabbalah jewelry is for good luck,
protection and success. David’s
Kabbalah jewelry collection
contains the five metal rings for
success, the Ana becoach (with
42 letters of genesis), the Tree of
life pendant and many more
unique powerful models.
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