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Julian Day: Ayanamsha

Ascendant (Lagna)


Method to Use Ascendant & Ayanamsha Calculator
To use this ascendant and ayanamsha (precession of the equinox) calculator, enter the date in the format specified. Enter time in 24 hour format. Enter Time Zone if it is different. India time zone is 5.30 and No DST is observed in India. Time Zone shows how many hours your country's (or zone's) Standard Time is ahead or behind from the Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]. If you are not sure about the time zone, please see this article to find the time zone of a place. Tick the DST (daylight saving time or summer time) if applicable.  Then enter the longitude and latitude values in degrees and minutes for your birth place or the desired place. Then press Calculate button to instantly see the ascendant and its degree, minutes and seconds according to Indian astrology. 

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                                                                  Know Your Lagna (Ascendant)
                                                Ascendant (Lagna or Rising Sign) and Ayanamsha Calculator

This online tool calculates instantly Ascendant (Lagna) according to sidereal or nirayana vedic Indian astrology using Lahari ayanamsha for any day, any time and for any place. It also calculates ayanamsha (precession of the equinox). You can use this tool to know your birth Ascendant or Lagna which is the zodiac sign that was rising in the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Your Ascendant or Lagna indicates about your self, your physical body, features, nature and personality.
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